Nervemeter Magazine, a charitable organization that produces printed material for homeless people in London to sell, is migrating its fundraising to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

The use case for the Nervemeter Charity DAO is simple: 100% transparency.

We want all our donated funds to appear publicly on a blockchain, and show how those funds are converted into printed magazines and distributed to sellers on the streets.

In the past, Nervemeter has organized fundraising events, such as putting on bands, DJs etc, to pay for print runs of magazines.

The new blockchain-based strategy will involve digital versions of the magazine being sold by avatars of our homeless vendors in metaverse environments like Decentraland, bridging the blockchain world with the real world.

All cryptocurrency collected selling digital copies of the mag will be held by the DAO, converted to GBP, and used to pay for physical print runs.

The magazine’s content includes original work donated by artists. Those Nervemeter artworks will also be minted as NFTs to raise money for printing.

Nervemeter will seed the DAO treasury with its own crypto holdings to get things started, apportioning funds to hire coders and add features.

We invite you to donate funds and get involved in the decentralized governance of the project.